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Suncoast Art Academy, LLC

 Joanie Crane, EdD.  Instructor    P.O. Box 47933,  St. Petersburg, FL 33743 
Call  727-460-6879
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up to 6 painters $94
7-10 painters $164
11-15 painters $224
16-20 painters $259 We can paint practically anywhere!


A team building event is perfect... Your team is creative, they enjoy light competition while crafting better lines of communication and strengthening existing relationships. You want a program that will focus on company objectives within an open and collaborative setting. Plus, when the event  is complete you can re-decorate your office with a splash of color. But, you need an event that is  well organized and one that will take care of all the details.

Our Smart Art events are designed to be scalable for all group sizes. Joan Crane, EdD is always happy to have an in-depth conversation with you to determine which  Smart Art events would be the best fit for your group.

We have a memorable, fun and effective Smart Art event solutions to fit almost every budget. Our price guideline will give you a quick introduction to the cost of our events. Keep in mind, the investment level can vary due to a number of factors including location, customization, and group size. It is  best to discuss your budget and event requirements with Joan. Call 727-460-6879 today.727-460-6879


A picture is worth a thousand words. A cohesive team in business is priceless. Help strengthen your team through the process of creativity and collaboration in a fun and interactive event.

"The arts are a great way to show you appreciate your employees."