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Joan Crane, EdD - Sr. Art Instructor                    QUESTIONS?

Suncoast Art Academy, LLC - Sr. Art Instructor

Transition Research Foundation – Sr. Researcher

P.O. Box 47933, St. Petersburg, FL 33743

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        Both of my parents were very artistic people. Throughout my childhood, our home was filled with creative opportunities, original art, and art books. By the time I was a senior in high school, my passion for art became embedded into my soul. I graduated from college with a bachelor degree in studio art. At this point, art was a positive foundation, feasible and laid a clear path to my future.

            In 1997, I started a fine art gallery business, Hastings-Ray Gallery, Ltd. The gallery was one of the higher achievements in my life. The gallery stayed open for four years, and then I was forced to close. Not wanting to give up on my passion for art and the healing phase of closing my gallery had passed, I was ready to continue my formal education. In 2004, I receive a Masters in adult and continuing education, and then in 2013, I received a Doctorate in adult and continuing education. Currently, I am working on a second Masters in art education and my Florida teaching certification.

            My Doctorate dissertation leads me to fascinating research topics. Through the lens of a woman artist, researcher and teacher, I explored and analyzed Western women artists that are excluded in traditional art history curricula. Though I have an enthusiastic and relentless desire to know about the past, art history brings gender consciousness to the present and future. I’m not an art historian, nor do I have a background in gender studies, I’m an art educator. However, my deficiency and expertise in art history or gender studies do not interfere with my desire to find important issues that address both art history and gender.

            My deep interest in art history and the history of women in art grants the possibility to have a genuine and expressive manuscript. I used feminist research within a feminist theoretical framework. The outcome of this method of research not only provides personal significance but offered a balanced look at possible disparities of women in Western art history. According to Liz Stanley and Sue Wise (1983), “Feminist consciousness is one expression of women’s unique view of social reality, and we see it as ‘unique’ in the sense that it is concerned with, and can see, different aspects of conventional, sexist, reality” (p. 117).

Stanley, L., & Wise, S. (1983). Breaking Out: Feminist Consciousness and Feminist Research. Boston: Routledge & Kegan Paul.