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Suncoast Art Academy, LLC

 Joanie Crane, EdD.  Instructor    P.O. Box 47933,  St. Petersburg, FL 33743 
Call  727-460-6879
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up to 6 painters $94
7-10 painters $164
11-15 painters $224
16-20 painters $259 We can paint practically anywhere!

ADULT ART CLASSES: Schedule and Payments made on the Michael website. Click on link to schedule classes.

 We lead a busy life sometimes. Suncoast Art Academy can provide you a variety of beneficial and powerful ways to set aside personal  time to slow this ride down. Let us provide you with the art lessons that fit your artistic level and comfort. By painting, sculpting, drawing, or photographing, you can express yourself through what ever medium you choose. Join a class today and start your project. No matter if you are a novice or a veteran artist, we will accomodate your artistic needs and growth potential.

Currently ALL Group lessons are held at Michael Arts and Craft stores on 66th Street in St. Petersburg.  Click on the link  for the schedule. See link below to schedule and pay. My classes are 6-8 pm on Tuesdays.   Please pay on the Michael secure website.         Thank you!